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Domain Name (as per Wikipedia): A domain name (for instance, "") is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet.

DNOAi™ is the first (in India) privately held association of similar minded domain name owners who have joined hands in order to bring investment, monetization and general awareness towards the domain name sector as well as web development industry.

With experience in domain names and website development, our core team of members aim to grow DNOAi™ into the largest domain name organization in India. Domain Name Owners Association of India™ tries to bring together top brass investors, successful entrepreneurs and tech-savvy innovators in India, to demonstrate and exhibit the impact of our industry on the financial market.

We call upon all the professional Domain Name owners in India to join forces with DNOAi™ and expand your business.

  • Why be part of DNOAi™?

    Create, share and innovate along with experienced professionals who are in the Internet business.

  • Who should be part of DNOAi™?

    If you are a single entrepreneur or a company in the internet industry, you are most welcome to join us!

Our Projects

Domain Name Owners Association of India™ (DNOAi™) focuses on DomainX™ projects (annual conference, quarterly workshops, domain name investments, domain name startups and more).

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Team, Team, Team!

Key people behind the Domain Name Owners Association of India™. Take a look:

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Domain Name Owners Association of India™
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